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FIXED: (original patch) .. REWRITTEN by N. HOTFIX: WHILE THE PRODUCTION IS UP AND RUNNING, we are updating the game to improve performance, aiming to make it smoother and faster than ever. Reviews “ ( ) is the kind of game that will have you smiling, yelling, crying, and generally reveling in the pure joy of gaming. And you'll never want to leave. It's that special.” New in Review – PlayStation Store “( ) isn’t just about running and kicking a soccer ball, though it is largely that. ( ) is about feeling alive in a new way, a sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself.” IGN - 9/10 “( ) is an impressive game, one of the best this generation.” GamesTM Magazine - 8/10 “( ) is one of the most emotionally rewarding sports sims ever.” Modojo - 4/5 “ ( ) is a beautiful game, one that lets you live out all of your fantasies of being a footballer.” 7.8/10 – GameSpot “( ) is one of the most beautiful games I've ever played, a marvelous combination of atmosphere and execution.” Hardcore Gamer - 9.8/10 “( ) is a dream game for soccer sim fans.” iOS App Store - 4/5 “The most emotional and entertaining soccer game ever.” App Store - 5/5 “( ) is a true masterpiece.” ezDevNet - 9/10 “( ) is a perfectly balanced game that takes you on a passionate journey of football, and leaves you satisfied with a wonderful ending.” AppSpy - 9/10 “( ) is by far the most realistic soccer experience you can get on mobile, and it just keeps getting better and better.” AppSpy – 9/10 “( ) is easily the most immersive soccer game I've played.” Gamezebo - 5/5 “( ) is very polished and immersive.” AppSpy - 4/5 “ ( ) is an emotional journey for you and your favorite footballers. ( ) is a thoughtful and engaging sports game.” -




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